Thursday, November 02, 2006

Incinerate the Mobiles

Walking around Seattle, I'm struck by this insipid cellphone existence. On the UW campus, I counted eleven kids walking ahead of me, each with a mobile glued to his/her head. A couple of times I'd either dawdle or step lively so as to be able to catch one of these students engrossed in conversation, which usually went a little like this:

"Hey, what's up? Nothing... Yeah... Really? Shit. Yeah... Totally. Uh huh. Really? SHUT UP! Uh huh... Uh huh... 'Kay, I'm at Spanish now. Yeah. Later."


"NO WAY. God, that sucks... Yeah... Yeah... Really? I'd be alllll, WHATEVER. Yeah... You should totally dump him. Serious. 'Kay. See you at dinner. Bye."


"Sup. Yeah... Yeah... 'Kay. Nope. Later."

You get the picture. Why the inanity? I've spent a lot of time trying to understand the need to have not only completely unecessary but screamingly DULL chats on a constant basis. WHAT is the point? I suppose some could argue the desire to stay connected in an increasingly disconnected world. It's weird how these persistentbland interactions pacify people -- quantity rather than quality.

I hate cell phones. (That's for you, Nathan.)


ImaGrama2 said... don't you just hate it when...people talk on cells in restaurants?...they answer their cell when their talking to you?...they try to drive and talk? Add rudeness to inanity.

Nathio said...

Ok ok guilty as charged. She's really cute though. Besides, you have to admit that my conversations (at least my half) don't sound like, "yeah...uh huh. no way! whatever.." I'm far too proficient a flirt for that.