Thursday, November 09, 2006

White Treasure

Now, "frugal" probably isn't the very first word to pop into folks' heads to describe me. Sure, I keep my pennies -- uh, I mean, øres -- but something else had gotten into me lately.

For some reason, while unpacking billions of newly arrived boxes, I've been compelled to unfold, flatten out and stack every single sheet of packing paper. I'm equally embarassed AND fascinated -- WHY am I doing this? I think the answer is two-pronged: First, I fear that when the time comes again to move -- even across the street -- I will not be able to find anything suitable enough in which to wrap my delightful dishes. (Mom: Why did you let me bring EIGHTEEN dinner plates? I don't even have eighteen friends! Or acquaintances!) I can't even find a freaking hardware store, let alone a moving-supply store. Second, I am secretly in love with pristine, sparkling newsprint. It transfixes me. The crisp surface has an oaten sheen that quietly whispers beauty to my fingers. No ink, no dirt, no ads, nothing offensive. Just plain, gorgeous ecru.


I also enjoy a good rubber band ball.


Anonymous said...

Erin, we have so MUCH in common.


deannababy said...

Erin, let me just confirm that you and my mother have so MUCH in common. And, to be fair, let me not fail to admit that I too have a neatly folded stack of crisp, flattened newsprint in my basement, souvenirs of our move to Sausalito, and now handy for SO MANY THINGS: making 2D full-sized furniture footprints for home re-decorating projects; wrapping Christmas presents; using as an indoor doormat on those drizzly days.