Thursday, November 09, 2006

Live Update from Bella Sue

Good evening, everyone, I'm Bella Sue, and welcome to my update.

As many of you out there know, I've just last week relocated my operations to southern Denmark. This decision was a result of months of careful planning, and I am pleased to report that all aspects of the transition have been executed successfully. After receiving a rabies vaccine, one internationally recognized microchip in between my shoulder blades, and the official okay from a veterinarian AND the USDA in Olympia, Washington, I was ready for takeoff.

First, let us begin with the airport. For those of you who have never flown in a cage before, I cannot enthusiastically recommend it. Crates are cozy for dozing on rainy evenings, but for 10-hour flights in a cargo hold with a chatty beagle alongside -- not so much. Here I am in the Seattle airport, blissfully unaware of what was to come. Note that I am tethered to a baggage cart. These carts are quite easily pulled all over the check-in area until loaded with 225 lbs. of luggage; then it is less easily pulled around.

Prior to the flight, I was provided with 2 herbal "calm down" tablets, which I found to be absolutely scrumptious, yet they did nothing if not make me very thirsty. I was quite happy to be carted away by Benny, my friendly cargo transport professional, for boarding, but after that, the loading, the beagle, the chill, the cramped space -- not so much.

Here I am moments after arrival. Suffice to say, I was extremely vexed and downright pissed off at Erin for making me endure such inferior conditions. Don, however, well... he's my number one guy right now. I LOVE HIM. After he valiantly sprung me from my in-flight jail, I allowed him to trot me around the Copenhagen terminal, accepting endless streams of celebration and adoration from warm Danes. THEY LOVE ME HERE.

Rather than take a smaller plane to Sonderborg, Erin was charitable enough to arrange for a car to deliver us to my new village. Don (love that guy!) walked me around the parking lot while Erin sat with the bags and my crate. FINALLY we found our rental car -- a gorgeous charcoal Opel station wagon -- VERY chic and roomy, though ashtray-scented.

We drove much of the next four hours with the windows down, which I found to be EXTREMELY AWESOME.

Now, arriving in Sonderborg -- what can I say? This town is FABULOSO, just what the doctor ordered! Obviously, I was thrilled to get out of that moving cigarette butt and onto terra firma. After a little shake-shake-shake, weewee and walkabout, I was introduced to my new home. Again, fantastic accomodations all around -- lots of stairs (which I particularly enjoy), carpet AND linoleum, new smells in abundance.

A bit messy, yes, as apparently an entire shipment of human stuff had shown up a few days prior to our arrival, but that's for them to deal with. A big liver-flavored plastic chewbone at the end of a long, hard day made it all worth it. (Great stress reliever; highly recommended, by the way.)

And what now, you ask? How will you spend your time, Miss Bella? Fortunately for Don, after much thought, I have decided to resurrect my trombone coaching career.

We've gotten off to an excellent start, and his playing has, if I may say so myself, really begun to take off. That kid's going to be a star someday, I can just smell it.

Payment, however, is still being negotiated. I'm prepared to hold out for the good stuff -- Donna's cousin, Marv, is nothing short of culinary genius.


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