Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Bella Report

Oh, licks and kisses to you all, everyone! I absolutely must apologize for the excruciating delay since my last post, I've been simply inundated with the veritable cornucopia of street poo and pee to sniff. My work here is never done. I'm sure you understand, dears.

My adjustment has been going just wonderfully. I get to go on walks -- long walks -- every single day, with our afternoon route looking something like this:

It is just SO precious here. As you can see, we walk along the waterfront every day. There are mussel shells everywhere as the seagulls do enjoy a fresh-cracked meal dropped from on high. They also drop live crabs from the sky onto the concrete -- extraordinary technique! When I'm not being watched by my minder, I've been known to gobble an errant crab shell or leg or two or fifteen. Scrumptious! It's rather like being divebombed by a flurry of steaks! An excellent source of calcium, too. But, sadly, my last crab shell snack resulted in a terrible upset tummy for me for a few days. Good thing Erin knows hows to scrub and scrub and scrub that carpet.

I've also acquired a stunning new coat. Tres chic, no? I actually brought it back from the States for the nippy Danish winter.

It has caused quite a stir here among the locals, and I often have to move quickly to escape the paparazzi:

Country life suits me nicely, I think, and I'm finding all of the little weiner dogs terribly amusing. Farvel!

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Maro said...

Ah, nice to hear from the literatus. I LOVE your new clothes, so becoming. Nona says Hi and wishes you were here to hop around in the snow with her.