Friday, November 17, 2006


I did it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

After Don told (and showed) one of his work buddies about my bread efforts (and this guy is a gourmand...GREAT), we were invited over to dinner, whereupon he and his wife kindly and patiently showed me several bags of Danish flour. I have to MIX the flours. They were gracious enough to not say "stupid" and "American" together in any sentence all evening long.

So, tonight, I MIXED the flours. And...success!! I'm now teetering on the edge of a gluten coma as I have almost polished off the little loaf (on the right). I don't recollect ever being so overjoyed by my own pig-faced gluttony, but I will gleefully admit that not once, but twice, melting butter ran down my wrist as I shoved MORE hot bread into my snapping jaws. And honey, too. I'm glad I took photos as now I can share the experience with Don. The EXPERIENCE.

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expatstud said...

You have to mix the flours? That must explain a lot then, as I seldom have success either...what's the ratios? Could you expound?