Sunday, November 12, 2006

A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood

The weather has been, sorry to say, a bit of a drag as of late. Uncooperative. Self-absorbed and childish, prone to tantrums. Going for walks with Bella has been something less than pleasurable. Pouring rain, crazywindy, cold, angry black skies. Sometimes the sun does shoot through, so I'll grab the leash and throw on my jacket and dash outside, only to be met with horizontal sleet. Lovely.

But, today we had a break, for almost a full hour. Don and I whisked Bella across the bridge to Dybbol, "the other side," for a little walky.

Here's the view of where we live. The throng of stark gray buildings to the left (the only modern architecture in the entire town) is our new hospital, and to the left of that (out of shot) is the brand new symphony hall/university/train station, to officially open in January. Our apartment is over to the right, on the water, just behind the yellow fishing boat. We're the third building from the right, top floor, underneath all that gorgeous red brick rooftop. The castle is to the far right. Note the circular section at the far left corner. That is, I've come to discover, the torture chamber/jail: It's very deep, maybe 3 stories down, and it's basically just a pit where they'd stick prisoners in the olden days. The iron rings for chaining up naughty folks are still affixed to the walls at the bottom. Fantastic.

And here, for those who wonder, is our recycling. This is where you're supposed to bring all your used paper airplanes.

The Walk: The Don and The Bella

And our road. (Still have not figured out that street sign. I think it says, "don't do something," or possibly, "don't do anything up and down.")

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