Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Min Bageri

Though I have yet to see a proper Danish, I have seen lots and lots of other local baked goods around. I usually see them disappearing straight into my mouth, so in an effort to be more healthful, I've started baking. YEAH! Like, with flour! And eggs and spices and stuff! Baking powder is "bagepulver," and baking soda is "natron" -- easy peasy. I've also learned that our main grocery store (kind of like Fred Meyer) sells these really thorough and really expensive Danish-English dictionaries over by the stereos and TVs, so when I can't figure out what buttermilk is, I scoot over to the dictionary section and look it up. I hope no one buys those anytime soon.

I have come to learn the grave importance of CORRECT translations with baking. Bella was helping me bake some whole-grain bread the other night...

The bag said "whole grain wheat flour."

Pouring into the measuring cup, it did appear a touch granular. Heavy. None too floury. But, after checking with my little pocket dictionary AGAIN, it DID say "flour."

Here's how it turned out:

A wheat brick. St. Don gamely tasted it, along with many, many glasses of water. So, I'm pretty sure I got wheat MEAL, not flour. (Although it also could have been concrete.)

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Anonymous said...

Hi Erin!

It has taken me 9 months to figure out what white / brown flour is - after many cooking disasters! There are so many types here with no clue as to what they are at all! I need a good cooking dictionary not just an ordinary one....

Hold og lykke!


ps - great blog :-)