Friday, November 24, 2006

Lackadaisical Naming

One of the trumpet players in the orchestra here and his wife have recently had a baby. He's awfully cute -- all squeaks and furrowed brows. While we were visiting the little family a few days ago, we were suprised to learn that Danes had a window of six months to name their kiddies. This little guy is still being called "baby" as his "mor" and "far" cannot agree on a name. They've been close, but something always skews the finality of it -- feeding time, laundry, the doorbell, sleep. (Although I think they are secretly enjoying the debate...)

When we told them how in the U.S you couldn't leave the hospital without a name for the birth certificate, they were shocked. "How can people make up their minds with so little time???" they puzzled. For most Americans, we assured them, 9 months was usually sufficient, and by the time the baby was swaddled like a burrito in a hospital receiving blanket, everyone was generally in agreement, happy to slap a name on the kid and go home. They marveled at the militancy of our inflexible system. So bureaucratic.

Then they told us this: "Well, here in Denmark, after six months of no name for a baby, the government gives it a name for you. Girls are named after the queen, and boys are named after the king." Brilliant!!!!!! I guess there must be lots of Margrethes and Fredericks running around.


deannababy said...

People aren't commenting as much anymore, but I, for one, am reading, reading, reading, checking daily, hourly, for your updates. Just wanted you to know how much I relish them, look forward to them, NEED them. Thank you for continuing your good work, reaching out to us poor souls who miss you ever so much!

EKinDK said...

AAAAWW!!! [tear] I know -- what is UP with the no commenting, I ask you? Oh well. I understand that some people are extremely intimidated to jot something in the shadow of my explosive and almighty literary powers, but you, my dear, are a very brave girl. I will post TODAY just because I know you are wearing out the refresh button... KISSES, DEANNA! ;-) I miss you, too!