Tuesday, May 13, 2008


Um, hello, everyone. I'm here!

I'm still working on the open-eye thing -- takes practice -- but rest assured that I am SUPER, SUPER CUTE. I hear it ALL of the time, but it hasn't gotten totally old yet. Yeah, so, uh, I'm doing great! I'm really healthy, and other than being an oral stapler on my mommy's breasts, my hobbies are sleeping, eating, saying "nuh, nuh" and crossing my eyes. Crying is kind of a drag, but I'll do it when you-know-who is slow with the chow, know what I mean?

Speaking of the you-know-whos, they're doing great, too! Of course, I kind of tire them out, them being all old and stuff, not quite as rockin' and rollin' as me and all. Still, they are standing upright with their eyes (mostly) open, although Daddy is working some pretty funny hairstyles and Mommy hasn't worn make up in a very long time. They're not finishing many sentences these days, which is fine by me as that allows more airtime during which one can relax and enjoy my heavenly coos. (I am a beautiful singer, have I mentioned that?) Mormor ("mother's mother") just left after visiting and helping out for a couple of weeks. I sure miss her holding me and talking to me. She is a very good conversationalist, and she understands everything I tell her.

So, yeah -- to sum up, I'm shockingly adorable, uniquely talented, super fit, intellectually earnest AND I can kick and punch the air like nobody's business. Stay tuned for more info about me, and please forgive Mommy for not posting for so long. Gotta keep her running, you know.

William Atticus Kaser Immel
born April 16, 2008