Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Back from Outer Space!

Okay, okay, okay, okay, okay, okay, okay, okay, OKAY, okaaaaaaaaaaay, OOOOOKAAAAAAAAAAAY, okay, okay, okay!!!!

HERE IS YOUR BLOG ENTRY. (Yes, it's for YOU. All of your subtle "reminding" worked. OKAY?)

Well, so, yeah: Denmark and I broke up, but now we're back together. I just had to tell her firmly, "Denmark! Don't be all like that!" Ding! All done! It'll feel terrific once the rubber stamp actually hits my forehead, but I'm ready. No more funny business, Denmark, you hear?

On a tragic note: I have misplaced my digital camera download cord, so no images for a while, folks. Sorry. (Not my fault.) (But not naming names, either. Being gracious.) (Hmph.)

On a joyous note: I have discovered that pickles ARE available in Danish grocery stores!!! Not only are they available, but they are CRAZY SCRUMPTIOUS!!!! I love sour pickles, and I love sweet pickles, but you know what they do here? THEY MIX THEM UP TOGETHER! Yes! I know! Sweet AND sour, in the same jar! And these guys are crunnnnCHY! Yumtastic! The label says "drue agurk," which translates to "grape pickle," which I don't get, but I also do not care one whit, as it could say "battery acid pickles" and I would still be on my third jar this week.

Things are gonna be okay, methinks.