Saturday, September 23, 2006

Welcome to the nighbourhood!

On Thursday evening, Don and I had some new friends, Jeppe ("YEP-puh") and Jorun ("YOR-roon") over for some wine and snacks. Jeppe plays French horn in the orchestra with Don, and Jorun plays flute. They've been married since April, and now Jorun is going to have a baby on or around New Year's Eve. They've been so welcoming to Don and me since we've been here, and I know they're going to become great friends.

When Jeppe and Jorun were leaving to head home, there were two orchid plants and a card sitting at our front door.

I was so touched by this little gift from our downstairs neighbors, Hanne and Marianne. Nice to see we have some Viggo-balance in place!

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