Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Better than a TV

Okay, now you all might get tired of all these harbor shots, but we are addicted to looking out of our windows. There are constantly new boats coming and going, the bridge goes up and down, happy folks strolling the boardwalk with their dogs, ducks quacking their heads off at the passing swans. Don snapped this gal getting her hair touched up on the deck of a German charter boat. (When you gotta touch up your roots, YOU GOTTA TOUCH UP YOUR ROOTS, know what I'm saying?) The gulls are daintier here, and their manners are quite refined. No loud screeching and dustcropping for French fries a la Ivar's, but more a sense of, "you know, I'm happy to take some bread crumbs off your hands, but really, only when you're all finished -- I'll wait quietly over here, thanks." Alsion, the brand new building which will house the symphony, train station and the Sonderborg branch of the University of Southern Denmark, is just across the bridge from us. It will be a 4-minute bike ride for Don, maybe a mile from door to door. SWEET! Though it was slated to open in mid-October, the grand dedication will actually be in November, and Queen Margrethe will be here for the big wingding.

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