Saturday, September 09, 2006


Yesterday afternoon, Don and I moved into our new place, though we're still trying to learn to spell the street name correctly. (Clearly, Danes need to work on their spelling skills. Tsk.) We are the proud owners of the world's longest AND most narrow twin bed! However, if you shift too much in it, the slats come out and then your bum hits the floor with the most exquisite little bang. We're on the top floor (4th), so we are now in fabulous shape. Who's going to visit first??

From Don:
Hi everyone. Sorry all of the blogging duties have gone to Erin. She's a more interesting writer anyway, and she always hogs all of the great pictures that I take. So, sadly, I'm resigned to the fact that this tale will be told from Erin's point of view, with occasional interjections from me.

Just some quick notes: I played with the orchestra yesterday for the first time - to back up the 3 principal bassoon finalists. On Monday, I'll start rehearsals with the new music director. We're tackling a great program which includes Prokofiev symphony number 5, and other Russian "tunes".

The hunt for the apartment was not without its stresses, humor and frustrations. We looked at a total of 6 places, and both of us almost immediately chose the one we are now in. The almost part of that is because we are up 4 flights of stairs, and there isn't much storage space. The total cost for renting the apartment and paying all utilities in advance (we get back what we over-pay at the end of the year) is about $950 a month... which seems a little tough at first, but then you look at the view... I think we'd probably pay about $3000 or more a month in Seattle for this kind of place. Our landlord's name is Uffe, like Loofah without the L (Erin, knew this...NOT ME), and he would just as soon never walk up the stairs again in his life. This could mean we'll never be bothered, and will probably mean we'll never get anything fixed by him.

Hope all of you choose to visit us soon. We'll have something to sit on, cook with, and shower behind as soon as Wednesday night, and something for all of you to sleep on within a month. Regarding the narrow bed that Erin mentioned above, it does not work for two people, period. - Well, back to Erin's voice. Don

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