Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Herringwatch 2006

We've officially reached one full week here at Herringwatch 2006 HQ, and we are pleased to report that we have remained 100% HERRING-FREE thus far. Though we have been encouraged to partake in creamed herring, curried herring, smoked herring, herring mousse, boiled herring, etc., we have held our ground steadfast during this time. YAY!!!

A few observations:

- Danish pizza is sold by the slice -- ham, pepperoni or "minced cow" -- and a slice is roughly the size of the seat of one's pants.
- Sonderborg is a very economically healthy city with construction going on nearly everywhere.
- When Danes are asked, "do you speak English?", 100% of the time the reply is, "of course." When Americans are asked, "do you speak Danish?", virtually 100% of the time the answer is, " you speak English?"
- Sales tax in Denmark is 25%.
- Coffee makers in Denmark start at 400 kr. ($70) on sale and go up from there, but you can buy a very nice teapot with 4 matching cups for 40 kr. ($7).
- The hottest fad among Danish men (age 30-60) is cropped (mid-calf) jeans and sandals.
- The Danish word for trombone is basun ("bassoon") and a bassoon is called a fagot.
- Danish spiders look exactly like American spiders.
- The current offerings at the local cinema are "Garfield 2," "Peter Petal (Curious George)," and a really dark Danish horror flick.
- In Denmark, clothes dryers are for wusses and line-drying is the way to go.
- All baby buggies come in one color -- basic black -- and people park them outside of cafes and stores...with the babies in them.

Overall, things are going better and better each day we don't eat herring. Today, we looked at a great apartment which is bigger than we need, and we're looking at another tomorrow morning, so hopefully we'll be moving soon! *My* greatest wish is that we could move by Friday, as that's the night our dorm holds a gargantuan booze fest which lasts until 3 or 4am. We've been enthusiatically invited by a group of four jolly neighbors to "come drink the beers and bubble-up (mixed) drinks!" Sounds enticing...

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jubyred said...

Oh My God, you MUST bubble up and take a ton of pictures of you and Don thoroughly bubbled.