Monday, September 18, 2006

The morning commute

Well, I hate to complain... but... WHERE IS MY #@!* &%$*# INTERNET???? Apparently, Uffa the Loofah (our landlord) has become too busy to get this installed. So busy that he can't answer his cell phone. Which has no voice mail. But most certainly has Caller ID... AND I AM FEELING IMPAIRED!!! VERY, VERY, VERY IMPAIRED! (Can somebody please send us some internet? Please?)


So, off I go to my "office" everyday for a little daily dose of the ol' interweb. Yes, I hop on my bike and pedal the excruciating 12 minutes of uphill hell to get here to our sweet dorm room so that I can reconnect with my peeps back home. (And read I must say, however, other than the uphill part, the commute ain't so bad! It gets my thumper pumping and my thighs are right on the verge of becoming 100% pure steel. Here are some pics of my journey to the office...

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