Saturday, September 23, 2006

Min livret morgenmad

It was a rough nine days living without coffee at the very beginning. I didn't want to leave the happy warmth of the breakfast room at the Hotel Sonderborg as I knew it might be a while before I saw coffee again. I tried to love juice and water and milk as much as coffee, but I was unsuccessful. On the tenth day, we bought a coffee maker. And the clouds parted.

Though I've never been much of a breakfast person, I've come to love my little ritual in the morning here. For me, it starts with hot coffee and ends with Donna. You see, Donna is someone -- I don't yet know who -- of great talent, for Donna makes these yummy little cookie/graham-crackery things that make my toes dance. She has two kinds -- black currant and cranberry -- and for those of you who have not experienced black currant, well, boy howdy, you're missing out something awful. It's a pretty unusual flavor, and I go crazy for it. Also, Donna is something of a genius in that her cookies -- or, in Danish, "kiks" ("keeks") -- are LOW FAT. How does Donna do this??? I have no idea, but I must assure you, these things may very well contain heroin because I am now addicted and also, I cannot make much of the ingredients label. I don't care. You see Donna on the package there? Yes, she's dancing. Dancing Donna. That's what I do when I eat her kiks and look out the window at the boats on a sunny day and slurp my coffee in writhing ecstacy. Viva le morgenmad!

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