Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Wonderful, Wonderful Copenhagen

Last week I had the pleasure of catching a ride to Copenhagen with my friend, Rebekka, who was going there to pick up her wedding dress and take care of last-minute pre-wedding details. It was a four-hour drive each way, which was great as it allowed us to talk and talk and talk. She asked me the zinger question: "Do you consider yourself patriotic?" Good thing we had four hours.

We crossed one of the longest suspension bridges on the planet. Who knew Denmark has so many islands?

It was incredibly hot that day, probably in the 90s (F), but no one seemed cranky. Some street scenes...

A Danish parking lot...

Apparently it's Fashion Week in Copenhagen. I know this because there was a giant telecom truck parked in the middle of a square with an even gianter television screen perched on top. Anyone within a few blocks was "treated" to a repeating reel of interviews with various Danish designers and clips of fashion shows. Mildy interesting to me, but these four gals, visiting from Akron or Duluth or Indianapolis, found it pretty funny. They especially enjoyed the glittering-silver-silk-hoodie-jacket-as-buttock-grazing-dress look. They were far more entertaining than the models.

After a full day, we headed home to our little town. Copenhagen says, "hej hej!"

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