Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Little Language Learnings

Don and I have certainly picked up little sayings or utterances (in English) from hearing them so often here in Denmark. For example, you can frequently hear us say "okay, okay" and "yeah, yeah" and "no, no" sprinkled in our conversation, rather like "uh huh." Also, from hearing it several million times from Danes, now we say, "o-KAAAAAY" (emphasis on the drawn-out second syllable). See? We're pretty much totally Danish now. (The last 5% of that crossover is eating herring.)

Another observation we've made is that virtually all Danes switch the English words "fun" and "funny," or usually just use "funny" to cover all those happy bases. So, you'll frequently hear something like: "Ugh, I had to wait in line at City Hall for twenty minutes! It was not very funny!" Or: "We took our kids to the beach today and they had a funny time."

Fortunately, it looks like we'll be starting our evening Danish classes in early September (FINALLY), and then we'll be sounding like enthusiastic morons... ("Hello lady! I liking to have the big very bread at me, if you happy for it! I thank you very!")

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