Wednesday, August 29, 2007

More Wedding Happy!

Our friends, Rebekka and John, got married last Saturday on the grounds of our neighborhood castle. It was gray and cold that day, really grim. At 2:58pm, John and the wedding guests promenaded to the wedding site, and the clouds actually parted.

The sun shone for about 15 minutes, and then, back to clouds. But, the bride and groom were rays of sunshine!

This was THE most mind-blowing wedding cake EVER -- dense dark chocolate base covered with a blanket of heavenly raspberry cream and fresh berries on top. I ate three pieces. Slowly. Silently. My eyeballs very likely rolled to the back of my head.

As it got colder, the guests boarded a three-masted sailing ship for a cruise around the sound. Don and I stayed behind and waved from the shore. Gale-force winds and icy ocean spray in a short dress and heels ain't often my thang.

Besides, there was leftover cake to be cleaned up.

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