Friday, August 03, 2007

A Ghost in the Machine

Denmark is a very concise place. Things happen on time, and with great consistency. It's nice. However, amid this niceness, I have developed a new hobby. It goes a little like this:

Call Ministry of Immigration. Ask a caseworker how long they estimate my residency visa will take. Note results. Hang up.

Here's the tally so far...
July 22: "You will be fast-tracked, so, one month, tops. I'll make a little note about this in your file."
July 27: "We don't have anything called 'fast-track.' Three months."
August 3: "IF you can follow the directions and have sent in EVERYTHING in PERFECT, UNQUESTIONABLE condition, then you will be fast-tracked for three months. But if ANYTHING is missing or strange or if we don't like the way the stamp was positioned on your envelope, then seven months."

At least I got to talk to a real, live human being. That is quite a benefit.

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Maro said...

Hey! I thought this was to be immediate! Give me that human being's phone number!