Monday, August 20, 2007

Tillykke med fødselsdagen!

It's very, very difficult to fool me around my birthday, due to my infinitely vast intellect -- I *always* uncover surprises. (Yes, I really am this much fun!!!) But, this year, Don got me. He used the time-tested "do it the day BEFORE the actual birthday plan." AHA!

He left very early this morning to go practice at the music hall. (That should have been my first tip off -- waking up just past daybreak on his day off to go play the trombone? Um, no.) He split, and then I smelled coffee. Don doesn't drink coffee, let alone know how to make it. I got up to find many coffee mugs set out, along with a spread of fresh fruit, bread, yogurt, etc.

Then the door buzzed... which quickly followed by a lively and very loud brass choir outside (click on the pic to enlarge):

(L to R: Bo on trumpet, John on trumpet, Jeppe on French horn, Søren on bass trombone, and the magical and lovely Don on tenor trombone. Also making a special appearance to the right is Jeppe's wife and my friend Jorunn with baby Victor.)

Note the stunned sailboat inhabitants in the background who were jarred out of their slumber by this fantastic concert, still in sleepshirts. (I especially love the guy peaking out of the porthole in the upper right corner. "WHAT THE...???") There were actually quite a few who grabbed their cameras and snapped away.

And here is the audio/video version (turn up your speakers!):

I should add that this is something of a Danish tradition on special occasions, to hire a brass quintet or a whole band to play very early in the morning outside of your house with all of your friends gathered there, and then you have to have them inside for breakfast before everybody heads off for work, which is what happened this morning. So always make sure you have lots of coffee and breakfastings on hand the day before your birthday or anniversary! (And make sure you're wearing some kind of pajamas, too. I'm just sayin'.)

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