Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Rainy cycle

As my dear friend (and Don's sister), Deanna, congratulated me recently, I have learned how to ride a bike in Danish. And it feels GOOD.

It rains a lot in southern Denmark. Sad, but a true, true fact. I guess it makes me feel at home. ('Twould feel even homier with a Starbucks on every other corner along with the occasional aftershock, but I digress.) On Saturday afternoon, I felt a streak of confidence that I could beat the rain and gamble on a break in the incessant downpour. So, I hopped on my bike to do a wee bit of 'splorin', and this is what I saw.

These are from a bike path that I discovered while trying to take shelter from the rain, about 10 minutes from our apartment. There are TONS of paths like this, all sparkling clean and well-kept, meandering about the edge of town. I did not see any happy children in clogs and lederhosen with blond braids singing joyfully, but I know they're out there.

If you have not yet experienced Danish cheese -- blue or feta -- do not even shut down your computer but take your wallet and GO TO THE STORE RIGHT NOW AND BUY SOME AND PUT IT ALL IN YOUR MOUTH AT ONCE. You will thank me. And the cows. (I think they invented dairy here.)

It's super old-fashioned here. Like, all stoney and castley and stuff.

They sure don't call it SonderBEAUTIFUL for nothing!

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Nathio said...

How beautiful! Is there a place I can rent a bicycle when I come to visit?