Saturday, October 07, 2006

Matt 'n Meredith, Reeg 'n Kel, Birgitte 'n Jesper

I've been enjoying my morgenmad (breakfast) with these two nutballs who host "God Morgen, Danmark!", our version of the Today Show. They do the whole flip-through-newspapers-and-comment-cheekily thing, too, just like Reeg and Kelly!

There's something here in Denmark called "hyggelig" (HOO-guh-lee), which translates into "cozy." People are cuckoocrazy for candles, a criticial component for achieving hyggelig, and they're lit morning, afternoon and evening, in every shop, restaurant, gas station and hardware store. See them on the newsdesk/table here? They're never NOT lit. From what I can tell, the GMD set is situated within the main Copenhagen train station so there's always a ton of action going on in the background. I don't necessarily think Matt, Meredith, Al and the Gang could take all that distracting commotion, and I *know* Kelly Ripa would fold in an ADHD minute. These cats are pros, I tell you...

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