Monday, October 16, 2006

Here fishy, fishy, fishy!

The Scandinavian work ethic cannot be beat. These guys are on vacation CONSTANTLY. Come back from one, prepare for the next. I love it.

There are two fresh meat places in town -- one for meat (duh), and one for fish. Everything else is grocery store frozen. The meat place is pretty swank, all chrome and track lighting and cool black uniforms for the staff. My favorite thing about that place is the name -- Slaughter Frank's. I'm Frank, and I'd like to slaughter you some meat today. Right on.

The other place is a fresh fish shop that has been closed due to VACATION since the week after we got here. Selling fish is tiring and stressful. Today, I saw that they were open for biz, which is fabulous, but also a bummer as Don and I head back to the U.S. tomorrow for 3 weeks. I'm sure they'll be in Tahiti or Paris or Knott's Berry Farm when we get back...

You see, I don't DO frozen smoked eels. Only fresh for me.

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