Wednesday, January 03, 2007


Yes, rabid fan base, it's been weeks, and I'm sorry for the struggle it must have been for both of you. Now we're in a whole brand spankin' new year. I'M BACK!! The last few weeks have included family visits, travel, cookies and lots of Christmas ornaments.

Don's dad and "wicked stepmother" (!) were our first visitors, journeying all the way from Los Angeles. WOO HOO! It was GREAT to see them, and we had a very fun time. This was Dean's first trip to Europe, and I venture to say he wasn't disappointed. Don and I met him and Cheryl in Hamburg before all of us scooted up north to Denmark. One of the highlights of the trip was our day at the Hamburg Christmas market. It kicked some major yule butt.

I really do think we did other stuff besides gorge ourselves, though the pictures seem to tell another story. Hamburg is a frightfully cool city, and we were happy just to walk around.

Santa brought lots of fantastic treats -- in fact, there was a whole Santa Suitcase! (THANK YOU, SANTA!) Among the goodies were yo-yos, and here is the tale of Bella being introduced to this phenomenon for the first time. (I wish I had audio to share, but you'll just have to imagine.)

Mostly, we just hung out, played canasta and Sudoku, walked around town, pet Bella, put together our new elliptical machine (bought in Germany), did laundry, visited the neighborhood slot (castle), visited the cows and chilled.

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