Saturday, January 20, 2007

A Loverly Visit to Cambridge

I've been horribly remiss in not posting about our visit to Cambridge before our Hamburg soiree. Don had been in Hong Kong and Korea for almost three weeks, and we met up in London. My oldest friend in the world (she's REALLY OLD), Sophie, lives in Cambridge with her fella, Mickey, and they were gracious enough to host us for two nights. (They are also the owners of the world's tallest airbed -- like, three feet tall. I think it actually doubles as one of those poofy landing apparati when one must jump from the window of a tall building. 'Twas marvelous. Sadly, I failed to photograph it.)

We spent most our days strolling the town. Cambridge is ridiculous and unbelievable -- everything is lovely and quaint and chaaaaahming. We walked about the many colleges which comprise Cambridge University, and along the River Cam. We even had us a real POINT (read: pint). It was real noice. And, on our last night, we had a crazyscrumptious dinner at a "gastropub," a pub which specializes in excellent cuisine. As you can see, they also greatly enjoy decorating for Christmas.

I've known Soph since I was ten, and somehow, whenever we see one another, we always find the return path to fifth grade. And we behave accordingly, usually by stuffing our faces with junk food while having fits of nonsensical laughter. Thanks, Soph, and kudos to Don and Mickey for the extreme tolerance...

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Maro said...

The picture of you two on the bridge - Don looks straight out of Wuthering Heights. I'm sending you my edited version. :)