Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Bella Update

Good morning, I'm Bella, I love to be outdoors, and here is my update.

As many of you know, I absolutely lose my head for anything small that moves. Like, say, oh, cats, or Yorkshire terriers, or rabbits. LOVE the rabbits. Scrumptious. Never actually had one per se, but I dream about them all of the time, and it has been brought to my attention that sometimes I run in my sleep (while on my side, of course), whimpering and snarling. They are THAT good. Also, love the squirrels -- gotta give a shout-out to my hometown Seattle squirrels! MISS YOU GUYS, MAN!

Lately, however, I have a new love, a new elusive obsession. People, I'm talking about DUCKS, the kind that quack and bob in the water like the tasty little vixens that they are. When I've been extra good, Don takes me to what I like to call Duck Cove, a tiny little inlet near the castle, where he... he... LETS ME OFF MY LEASH!!!! AAAAAAARRGAAAAAAAGH!!!! I go crazy, I tell you -- I just about explode! I don't know where to run, it's all too much, so I just run all over the place! The ducks! They're everywhere! They tease me with their swimming back and forth, so coy, so "oh, you can't get us, you big stupid dog!"

That's what they think. HA! But after much experimentation, I have come up with a glorious new plan -- I call it, "Going in the Water After Them"!!!! HA HA!!!

As with any pristine strategy, it still has its kinks, but I'm committed to honing it into something foolproof. Still, there are days I feel like giving up and just walking away from it all...

But, I just remember my chakra and regroup. Take a little walk down the beach, reflect, think about what it must be like to be a seagull. It's important to soak up your surroundings, notice what's really around you, and be grateful that you're not a pebble, or a starfish.

Hell no! You're a D-O-G!! A smart, licky, stinky, sandy, wet DOG! So you pick yourself up, shake yourself off, and have a good roll-around in some duck poop and seaweed, and go hug Don, who has given you this fabulous opportunity today! YEAH!

You'll get those damn ducks next time...

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