Friday, December 08, 2006

Funny Food Fun

So, it's holiday time, and I'm getting ready to bust out a mind-blowing batch of my jule biscotti. I went to the grocery store today for the ingredients and spent A LOT of time examining all of the baking goodies. Maraschino cherries come in little plastic bags, kind of like large ketchup packets. Candied ginger and plain cocoa are completely non-existent. I asked a sweet young store employee for "kakao," and she took me to the chocolate drink mix section. I said, "nej, kakao uden sukker" (no, cocoa without sugar), and then she took me to the diabetic sugar-free chocolate drink mix section. I can't believe I cannot find ginger anywhere. This nation was practically built on gingersnaps, and yet no actual ginger available. No wonder they lost the war.

But, here's the crowning glory. I bought this chocolate, figuring it was baking chocolate, or just regular dark chocolate. (After wolfing down an entire box of chocolate Ex-lax at age 4, you'd think I'd be a little more careful about vaguely understood chocolate packaging. I'm kind of edgy and daring that way.)

After bringing it home, I translated the package, which says, "30 pieces dark chocolate for sandwiches." Bread crammed with dark chocolate... I think I'm in heaven. (Just hold the herring, please.)

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Sesame said...

hey there - you definitely can get Kakao in Denmark - just try bigger supermarkets or stores. I use tons of if and its definitley not the sweetened kind :-) happy hunting