Tuesday, September 18, 2007

My Stuff Is Back!

Hey, so, do you guys remember that time when I moved abroad and then I had all these problems getting residency and so I was all, "I am SO outta here," and then I took off with, like, two suitcases, and then all of my other stuff was packed up and moved out and driven to London and then it was all ready to be loaded onto a ship there to come to me in Seattle and then I was all thinking about it all serious and then I go, "Well, maybe I *will* live on Denmark after all!" and then I go, "Wait! Mover people! Stop my stuff!" and they were all, "Okay, weirdo, we were just about to put it all on the boat to you. What's up?" and then I go, "Okay, thanks, you guys. TOTALLY DO NOT SEND IT TO ME IN SEATTLE, OKAY?" and then they go, "Whatever," and then I go, "Right on! Can you send it BACK to my original address where you guys picked it up?" and they're all, "Okay, cool," and then I go back to that place and I wait and wait and wait and try to remember what's in the boxes of my stuff that has already traveled around the planet once or twice before and then I start to get really excited to wear something warm other than my one navy blue sweatshirt because it's getting all cold outside and stuff and then one day all of my stuff shows up again and it's the same moving guy as before and he's all confused and goes, "So, didn't I just move all this stuff up all these stairs before?" and then it's all back in my living room AGAIN, all totally wrapped up just like old times?

Yeah. I totally love that story.

(See? I *did* learn something from teaching 10th grade English!)

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