Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Going Postal

I think the ladies at our post office have been reading my blog. They still take every opportunity they can to be scoldy, but they are being much nicer about it these days.

A couple of weeks ago, Don and I took a very large stack of thank-you cards to the post office, all going to the States. Most had been stamped, but we still needed about 10 more stamps to get the whole lot out of our hair. (THANKS, EVERYBODY!!!) They're these cute little notecards, roughly 3"x5" -- you know, thank-you card size. Well, these dimensions rang some alarms at the ol' post office. Fru (Mrs.) Post Office Lady frowned. "This is too small. You cannot put this in the post." I see. Out comes the Official Danish Postal Policy Manual, then the ruler. Measure, measure, measure. Frown, frown, frown. She conferred with her cronies. Was it too small? Hmm. Yes, it is too small. Are you SURE? Very tiny puffs of smoke come out of Don's ears. Can you check again? Please? Measure, measure, confer, confer, sigh. "Okay, we think it MIGHT be all right. But we cannot guarantee it. Please follow the postal rules next time."

Right. Yes. Absolutely.

A few days ago, we received a very nice letter from the Post Office. It seems we had sent a bill to the States in a standard U.S. business envelope, and there was a problem. It was too large. There was even a digital photo of our envelope placed next to a ruler. Clearly, it was approximately one centimeter too long, and that was not cool. This time, they would let it go, but if we plan to use these envelopes in the future, we must put the appropriate postage on it. Instead of the standard 8.25 kroner ($1.50), please affix 44 kroner ($8.20).

I think it will be cheaper to stop paying our bills.

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