Friday, October 05, 2007

It Wasn't Jet Lag

Well, I'm not sure what the exact protocol is for announcing things such as these on the ol' interweb, so maybe I'll just show you a pretty picture:

It's worth well more than a thousand measly words, and I believe this will forever be my very favoritest portrait of all time.


Annette said...

Ahhhh, a future string player. Good bow hand there ;-)

I am enjoying your blog, so keep it coming! Maybe we can get together irl and have a coffee sometime in the not so distant future. I feel my vocabulary shrinking from living in the land of Teletubbies!

Bill & Rondi said...

B&R send congratulations!! This is wonderful. We will await the announcement of due date and sex!! Just read your postings back to 9/8 where I left off--that month in between--where did it go?? Very thrilled that you have discovered Big Sky, Denmark--so many people don't have any idea that more than 23 stars and planets exist(that would be about all you see in a city). Again, congrats.

Nathan said...

Wowee! How wonderful!

Jen said...

TOTALLY COOL!!!! Love it! Can't wait to see you. xoxoxo

sean said...

Hey cuz, Hey don: first I want to say congratulations on the bun in the oven. I think its really cool. You know,this is the first time looking at your blog.I guess I'm still getting used to my laptop and the inter-web.But now I know,I will start reading,plus it gives me something to do while sitting on my ass all day at work.Ohhh the slow days at the airport,well got to get going so I can go sit on my ass tomorrow. Hear from ya soon.

Arty Farty said...

Oh wow. I've been following you're blog for a couple of weeks since i found out I was moving to DK next month. Your blog is hysterically funny but this post has prompted me to brave a post. Congrats to you both! I can't believe how clear the head is - and obviously that block of concrete...umm, I mean bread you made/ate didn't do him/her any harm :)

Well done!

Angel said...

Hi and congratz! I ran across your blog and it sounds eerily like mine LoL

See the post called I <3 Yeast :) I moved here from SC and am married to a Dane and have just recently had a child and totally understand your excitement on getting a sticker H! Feel free to email me at scmusicscene at aol dot com if you have any questions or just want to vent/chat etc.