Monday, August 04, 2008


I've had a wonderfully literal summer. Not much figurative about it, just loads and loads of very tangible, real, in-your-face joy and relaxation. I've literally gained a few very real pounds (oooh...margaritas AND onion rings!), and I've ticked away innumerable hours laughing and gabbing with some of the best friends ever invented, and I really did cut off all my ratty long hair (which had somehow become a baby stabilizer... OW!). Perhaps the most literal moment of all came when I remembered (poolside in Honolulu) that we left our Danish apartment having forgotten one terribly important thing: To empty the diaper bucket. And, so it sat. Packed. Full. For seven weeks. It appeared that our Bella-sitters did not quite see fit to empty (go near?) it. Guess whose attending it fell upon returning home?

It. Was. Tremendous.



PiNG said...

Welcome Home - it's great to hear that all is well. The diaper bucket - I wonder if Bella's sitters kept looking for something Bella had left behind?


Oh Dear! Well, so it goes I guess. So nice to hear from you after a long absence! I have not even had a baby and my blogging has sagged this summer. So cute to see Will, who is a darling combination of you and Don. He looks like he has a wonderful demeanor. For those of us who may not get to meet him soon, will you indulge us in some Will-isms??