Thursday, February 14, 2008

Baby Love, My Baby Love

A couple of years ago, Don thought long and hard about what to get me for a Valentine's Day present. He put a lot of consideration into getting me something that I'd really like and use. He settled on a high-quality Henckels frying pan.

He's still hearing about it.

But this year, he got me something that made me start bawling right off the bat, and I'm talking tears of joy (and hormones):

He ordered personalized pacifiers for our impending tyke, three little nuggets of plastic and silicone that each have "Thud" inscribed on the front. From all of this naming business emerged Thud, courtesy of my dad, who suggested something Scandinavian, Viking-like, strong, like Thor, but with a unique twist. Thud! Perfect! So, that's what we've been calling him the last several months, though we do have the real name already picked out and buried deep in an anonymous field in far-flung Denmark.

It's terribly hard to describe, but when I saw these little things, it hit me in a funny place when I wasn't ready for it. And I've forgotten all about the frying pan.


NotQuiteDanish said...

The name will have to be something pretty damned good to live up to Thud, you know! He'll always be Thud to us now... BTW. Where is 'far flung Denmark', exactly? Skane? I joke at Nord Jylland being the Danish equivalent of the Australian 'Outback'.

Bluefish said...

So cute!

kimananda said...

Thanks for your visit and your heartburn recommendations! And Thud was not a name I'd heard before, but it fits in nicely with all the other traditional Danish boy names that are just unfortunate in English. All of which were heavily favored by my Danish guy (coincidentally named Thor!)...all I can say is thankfully we're having girl. Cause I don't think I could have survived a boy named Gorm. Or Toke.

Emily Asher said...

AAAAAaaack!!! How out of the loop am I? The last time I read your blog (October at BEST) I just found out that you got Married, and now a BABY!!! He will no doubt be tall, cute and smart! so exciting!

jubyred said...

and the hormonal flood begins.

uh, not to be picky or anything but what are you doing over there? not blogging! that's what. need. more. blog. more belly. more crazy danes.